Gilbert & George Interview

February 23, 2011

Watch my 18 minute video interview with Gilbert et George shot a few days ago at their most recent exhibition [Urethra Postcard Pictures] in Paris.


Mon entretien vidéo avec les artistes Gilbert et George pendent le vernissage de leur derniere exposition Urethra Postcard Pictures à la galerie Thaddaeus Ropac à Paris.

Clay Shirky Interview

February 3, 2011

During his short visit to Paris, Clay Shirky, one of the most important social media thinkers today, granted me this 8 minute video interview in which he talks about his new book Cognitive Surplus. He spoke about why he believes in the social and creative potential of social media and the shift in public opinion towards it after the Wikileaks scandals and the protests in Tunisia and Egypt. But he also discusses the downside of this hyper connectivity and the multiplication of “weak ties”.

He was invited few days ago to Paris by the new and ambitious French Microsoft think-tank RSLN who to talk about his vision of new political activism. The twitter hashtag from the conference was #RSLN

According to Shirky the visionary (and he was never wrong, remember in his Here Comes Everybody, published three years ago, he predicted “the power of organizing without organization”): social media and access to the internet are one of the crucial elements in a global democracy and in the political awareness of ordinary citizens.

His vision of a global, open democracy where citizens are not only consumers of information but also its producers and active participants in politics, has a particular resonance at a time when we’re all following the massive protests taking place throughout the Arab World.


Au cours de sa brève visite à Paris, Clay Shirky, l’un des penseurs les plus importants des médias sociaux, m’a accordé cette vidéo interview de 8 minutes dans laquelle il parle de son nouveau livre Cognitive Surplus, et explique pourquoi il croit au potentiel social et créatif des medias sociaux. Il décrit l’évolution de l’opinion publique à l’égard des medias sociaux, après les scandales provoqués par  Wikileaks,  et les manifestations en Tunisie et en Egypte.  Il a aussi parlé des aspects négatifs des médias sociaux et de la multiplication des «liens faibles».

Il a été invité il y a quelques jours à Paris par les nouveaux ambitieux think-tank de Microsoft, RSLN pour parler de sa vision du nouvel activisme politique. Le hashtag sur twitter était: #RSLN

Selon Shirky (et il ne se trompe jamais, souvenez-vous dans son Here Comes Everybody, publié il y a trois ans, où il prédisait “la puissance de l’organisation sans organisation»), les médias sociaux et l’accès à internet sont des éléments essentiels pour la démocratie globale et la conscience politique des citoyens.

Sa vision de la démocratie globale et ouverte, où les citoyens ne sont plus seulement des consommateurs d’informations, mais aussi des  producteurs et participants actifs dans la politique, entre en resonance, particulierement dans ce moment où nous suivons les protestations massives survenant dans les pays arabes.

Vesna Gerintes

New boutique-gallery launches

December 11, 2010

Last night I was at the Chinart boutique-gallery launch. It’s small space in the 6th, not far from Bon Marché, dedicated to Chinese contemporary artists but also full of objects from China. These have been carefully selected by owners, Katrin Rougeventre and Clement Ledermann, who fell in love in China some 20 years ago and have not stopped visiting it since.

It was also the opening of their photo exhibition – a series of photos of Chinese mailboxes. The mailbox is a common object but the Chinese believe it can bring good luck.

While outside it was cold, humid night and my iphone battery was out of power, my broadband speed was non-existent, the warm and cosy atmosphere inside made me forget all that.


Evenement étrange

December 7, 2010

Pour capter l’événement étrange, il faut refaire de la théorie elle-même une chose étrange. Il faut faire de la théorie un attracteur étrange.

Nick Cave, live in Paris on October 26, 2010

November 2, 2010

Love Bomb – Grinderman [Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, Martyn Casey, Jim Sclavunos]

live in Paris in Cité de la musique on October 26, 2010

Morning scene

July 19, 2010

Morning coffee on café L’Angle’s terrace. Making the best of my ills which can not be avoided.

We may never discover how the Universe ticks

May 31, 2010

“Our brains are limited. It may take a posthuman species to work out the big questions, says Martin Rees” in Times UK

The evidence is that not only the big questions as “what banged and why it banged?” will stay unresolved, but also we’ll stay eternal mystery to ourselves (thank you Mr.Freud). Naive belief that total transparency is possible. We are first of all opaque to ourselves. Universe as a metaphore of self obscurity.


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