Agnès B. 16th Parisian store

Opens July 12, 2007 in the Canal Saint Martin District
Video: Interview with Agnes B. on the opening of her new Parisian store

What: Opening of Agnès B. womenswear/kidswear store

Why it is so HolyChic: Agnès B. , a guru of Parisian easy to wear and relaxed, clothing has opened her 16th Parisian store in the former 90-year-old sponge factory Prosper Badault (which even had Yves Klein as a client).

And no, it’s not the eye of omnipresent Vincent Bastie who watch over the interior design, but Aurore, daughter of Agnès B.  who was in charge to transform this ancient sponge factory into hot Parisian fashion spot.

Her aim was also to respect and preserve the spirit of the place. One of the results of this intent is not “no-logo”, but rather “others-prehistoric-logo” advertising strategy : instead of Agnès B. , there’s a old Prosper Badault signboard on the front of the shop.

The space is huge and located in the very hip, bobo Saint Martin Canal district. The atmosphere is warm and  the clothes are easy to wear, relaxed and casual with a consistent quality. This store is close to Agnes B. menswear store  at 1, rue Dieu, 75010 and fits perfectly in the lively bobo district.

Surface: 250 m2 (4 rooms)

Opening date: July 12, 2007

What they sell: Agnès B labeled clothing: everything from baby sneaks to streetwear. Dresses, suits, customized graffiti t-shirt, accessories….

Ambiance:  Parisian, Frenchy, familiar, bland, urban slick, warm, francofile.

Clientele: Japanese tourists, dressy causal übernites, bobos and fashion addicts of all ages desperately searching for comfortable garments which are not wearable just for only one season.

Agnes B. obviously aims to design the clothing for all urban people who want, even in their seventies, to maintain their rock’n’roll spirit without risking looking like Elton John. They prefer to look like ageless Agnes B. herself: fresh, trendy, youthful, smart, calm, open, curious, sharp and lively.

Service: Ultra-cool and invisible.

Interior: Huge, homelike. Living room in the country with urban French-chic  clothing. Bland with a windows on the countrylike courtyard, with posters, paintings, houseware accessories.

Upside:  Good blend of ancient and hip. You feel like at French chic, country, but at the same time, urban artsy home.

Downside: While Agnès B is very kind and friendly person, her arrogant PR is certainly not a person who will put you at ease and make you want come back to one of her stores. Mademoiselle Agnès, you deserve people who are more like you around.

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Category: Surface

Agnès B. womenswear/kidswear store
Address: 13 rue de Marseille 75010 Paris
Metro: Republique

by Vesna Gerintes

July 2007

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