André Gide’s house

April 20, 2010

Just passing by building where one of my my favorite writers André Gide  was living for 25 years (until his death on 1951) 1 bis rue Vanneau, 75007 Paris.  (N.B. André Gide was born at 19, rue de Médicis, 75006 Paris , building facing Luxembourg park).

And it was not only him who was living in this building, 1 bis rue Vanneau : Albert Camus  (the other one of my top ten wriers)  was  living in the same building,  at Gide’s annex one room flat, on 1944, the year they founded together  literrary magazine, l’Arche. They were both working in the Gallimard (editor).

I’ve always been fascinated by this building (saw two dogs owners sorting out their dogs when I was taking this pictures), but this afternoon I saw for the first time the narrow doors next to main one  (in Paris posh districts it used to be the entrance for maid’s and footmen’s rooms.)   It reminds me on the title of Gide’s book  “La porte etroite”, taken from Bible, which litterary means “narrow doors”.

One of the reasons I’m so fond of Rive gauche.  Only wish that Camus’ name was mentioned on memorial tablet as well.

Book that goes everywhere with me : Journals by André Gide


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